As a textile buying agent and inspection agency in Pakistan we follow the following procedures to serve your business needs for textile sourcing in a professional and comprehensive manner.

  • Arranging vendors.
  • Facilitate & Co-ordinate the Buyer's visits to Pakistan. - Negotiating the best prices from reputed suppliers.
  • Regular production updates to the buyer.
  • Quality assurance & inspection of the Goods. - Timely deliveries and best freight rates.
  • Regular communication and co-ordination.
  • Regular production updates.

Quality Assurance Procedures

  • Conduct Pre-Production Meeting with vendors
  • Track fabric status and verify quality
  • Review production planning and monitor production status - Carry out quality audit as per buyers's requirements
  • Submission of forms and reports

Laboratory Tests Include:

  • Count of yam
  • Fiber composition - Density per inch - Light fastness
  • Weight per square meter
  • Shrinkage after one/three wash
  • Wash fastness
  • Tensile strength
  • And many more depending upon the customers’ requirements

Quality Assurance Management

  • Factory Evaluation and Compliance Audit

Prior to developing any business relationship with a potential supplier, Fastex Q&A team conducts a Factory Evaluation to assess the factory's physical facilities as well as their quality performance. The Compliance team then audits a factory that satisfies all requirements. General outlines of the audit are as follows:

  • Good factory setup
  • Condition and suitability of equipment
  • Quality conformance and technical competency - Safe and healthy workplace
  • Child Labor Free
  • Forced or involuntary labor
  • Disciplinary practice
  • Non-discrimination
  • Working hours and overtime
  • Fair wages

Quality Audit

Pre-Production Stage

  • Fabric Inspection Procedure
  • Fabric and garment Performance Testing
  • Preparation of Inspection
  • Pre-Production Meeting

Work In Progress

  • Initial Inspection (1st inline inspection)
  • DurPro Inspection (subsequent inline inspection)

Prior to Shipment

  • Final Random Inspection


Proper sourcing is the key to success in Imports from Pakistan. In order to execute a purchase order for you, it is vital to select the prime vendor who would fulfill your needs. The ability of a factory to produce your product at a given price is of great importance. At times we will refrain from accepting inquiries which are non-compatible to Pakistani vendor abilities.

Some of our sourcing prerequisites include:

  • Financial strength
  • Technical abilities
  • Factory layout, equipment. personnel and productivity
  • Sample room
  • Vendor's strength and reputation in dealing with customers based on years of experience and interaction